Hawk Walks

An exclusive private hawk walk (with owl encounter) is an opportunity to get to be a falconer for a day. This is a unique and fantastic experience that can be enjoyed by everybody. Whether you are an outdoors person/naturalist or more of an indoors person who only occasionly feels drawn to the natural world, you will be enthralled by the experience of having a close encounter with these magnificent birds.

No prior falconry experience is necessary. It involves a leisurely stroll, through the meadows of a working farm, with Killarney's famous mountain range visible in the background. We are situated just outside Killarney town. A hawk walk is family friendly and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Initially you will be introduced to the hawk or hawks and as soon as you are comfortable, you can cast it free from your hand, with the assistance of your own personal guide.

Bond with a free flying hawk as he/she comes swooping from the old Irish oak trees to alight on your hand at your command. After the walk has finished, some of our friendly owls can be handled and fed (owls are the most original photobombers!) .