Events in Killarney

Very interactive demonstration where one to three hawks may be flown as they display their agility, swooping and diving to catch food tossed in the air. Guests will have the opportunity to recall these birds to alight on their hands with the aid of the falconer. The ancient art of falconry and hunting with birds of prey will be explained and demonstrated providing fantastic photo opportunities. 
Guests will also get the opportunity to handle and feed some of our magnificent owls. (don’t forget the owl selfies)

Displays take place on a traditional farm outside of Killarney town.

Displays can be arranged at venues anywhere from Dingle, to Kinsale.

Can be tailored to suit your needs. 
(10-25 people)

Some Interesting things in Killarney:

Dunloe Hotel

Killarney Park Hotel

Ross Castle